BSS Projects

I like projects. I like getting my hands dirty and accomplishing something. A big part of what I want to accomplish with Ben Smith Solutions is to work on Self-Reliance projects, document them, and then help others successfully complete their own projects.

Research – DO – Write


Current Projects

Ben Smith Solutions Projects are on hold right now as I focus my efforts on making Lunar Homestead a success.


Future Projects

Self-Reliant Wealth Workbook

I’m currently writing the first installment of the Ben Smith Solutions Self-Reliance CORE Workbook series. The first book, Wealth, will cover some of the most critical steps you can take to become more financially Self-Reliant and eventually Financially Independent (that’s my goal too!). Any journey of Self-Reliance will require money (for skills, equipment, etc.), so it’s vitally important that you build a solid financial base first. You don’t have to be rich, but you do have to be smart about obtaining, spending, and conserving the resources at your disposal. This workbook (it’s a workbook because you’ll use it to create a plan specific to YOU and then actively work on enacting it) will help you define your personal economy, create an emergency reserve, and restructure your income and expenses so you are not as vulnerable to forces beyond your control (like the economy, sudden illness, or job loss).


  • Minimum of 120 pages
  • Professional grade cover and internal photos/drawings
  • Each chapter will have a “Take Action” section with relevant blank forms to help the reader achieve their goals.


  • A highly useful workbook that will help people become more resilient to financial emergencies.
  • The first book in a series designed to help people become more Self-Reliant.


Start date:

Tentative release date: