Ben Smith Bio


Hi there. I’m Ben Smith and I own and run Ben Smith Solutions.

I don’t think it’s healthy for people to define themselves by what they do to make money. We’re all so much more than that. So if I had to label myself I would use words like: problem-solver, explorer, adventurer, traveler, and pirate. It’s always good to consider yourself a bit of a pirate.

I love problem-solving. There’s nothing like identifying a problem, researching the stink out of it, coming up with solutions, and then taking action. If I could make a living as a professional problem-solver and Self-Reliance expert, I’d be a happy man. Which brings me to my next passion.

I have a wide (and I do mean WIDE) range of interests in addition to problem-solving, but one of the topics I really feel strongly about is Self-Reliance. I capitalize Self-Reliance because it’s a “big idea” to me and deserves to be capped. Plus I like how it looks. I consider myself an expert (which just means I have a little more knowledge and experience than most people) in many of the components that make up Self-Reliance (check out What is Self-Reliance) and well versed in many more. But the great thing about Self-Reliance, and life in general, is that there is always so much more to learn. It truly is impossible to be a master at everything. But I plan on having fun trying!

That’s all I have for now. I hope you enjoy this site and find the information here useful. Let me know what you think.

Take it easy,


Check out my LinkedIn account for my work/education history. But if you’re THAT bored you should really just go outside.

Oh, and like Meatloaf said, “If the thrill is gone then it’s time to take it back.”Everything louder than everything else