About BSS

It’s pretty simple. Ben Smith Solutions is my (very) little patch of the Internet. It’s not so much a “business” as a place for me to store my research (on a wide variety of topics), express my thoughts, and maybe make a couple of bucks selling stuff I’ve created. It’s also my personal and professional “brand”. My hope is that you (and others) have found some useful information while spending time here.

The only Mission Statement I have anymore is to try and enjoy life and not take it all too seriously.



Everything on this blog/website is free to access but copyrighted. You can use excerpts (up to 800 words) without having to get my permission, but only if you properly attribute the excerpts as Ben Smith, Ben Smith Solutions, and the URL of the page you are excerpting.


Financial Support

Hey, a guy’s gotta eat. Like I said, everything here is free. But if you’ve found something useful or inspiring (hey, it could happen!) here then why not show your appreciation with a small donation (the link sends you to the donation page). Think of it as a tip for good service. You DO tip well, don’t you? Of course, buying something helps too.

You may have noticed the lack of advertising on BSS. That’s deliberate. I can’t stand advertising. I think it’s distracting and corrosive. I’d rather lose out on some potential income than have that stuff all over my site.

I do use affiliate links, but only when they are relevant and as part of some type of useful content. I really dislike sites that splash affiliate links everywhere in the hope that I’ll click on something. I’ll also let you know which links are affiliate links. Clicking on these links (and then buying something) is a quick, easy, painless, and cost-free way to help show your support for BSS while purchasing something you want.

For those who don’t know, an affiliate link is basically a way for BSS to get a “finders fee”. Affiliate links have unique codes in them. When you or someone else clicks on the link it takes you to that merchant. If you then buy something from that merchant, the code is linked to your purchase. The merchant then pays BSS a small percent of your purchase price as a way of saying thanks for sending your business their way. BSS does NOT get any information on what you purchased or how much you spent. BSS doesn’t even get any information about who used which link. The only information BSS gets is how much money a particular affiliate link generates for BSS.

Using an affiliate link doesn’t cost you any money. The merchant pays the affiliate fee. Whatever you pay for an item in their online store is the same as anyone else.

If you like what I have done here, please be generous and show your support. Any contributions help and all are greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Tell your friends

Finally, word-of-mouth is the primary way I market Ben Smith Solutions. So why not tell your friends if you like what you see? You’re helping them out as well as me. It’s a win-win-win!

Here are some ways you can help your friends expand their knowledge:

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• I’m certain there are lots of other ways. Feel free to let me know how YOU like to share information.


Thanks for reading all of that! You deserve a cookie!