Lunar Homestead

Lunar Homestead is my primary focus. I’ve been excited about space exploration for as long as I can remember. I’ve finally decided to actually DO something with it. You’ll want to checkout Lunar Homestead if you believe that humans should be a multi-planet species.

Financial Independence Solutions

My primary Self-Reliance goal is Financial Independence (FI). Financial Independence doesn’t being rich. It’s having enough income, from sources you enjoy, to meet all your expenses. I’m not there yet but Ben Smith Solutions will hold all the information I gather along the way.

Self-Reliance Solutions

My other main goal, along with Financial Independence, is Self-Reliance. Disasters, large and small, can happen to anyone at any time. Watch the news for 30 minutes and it will feel like the world is one huge, never ending disaster. It doesn’t help to be scared. It certainly doesn’t help to ignore the threats. Taking action to avoid or mitigate the threats is the only sane action.